HSNY Welcomes New Team Members

  Vice President John Teifert (left) and HSNY Instructor Vadim Finkel (right)

Vice President John Teifert (left) and HSNY Instructor Vadim Finkel (right)

HSNY is proud to announce the appointment of new Board Members and Trustees. The 152-year-old society continues to grow, electing John Teifert as Vice PresidentJohn Davis and John Reardon were also elected as Trustees.
Sam Matlick joins HSNY as Director of Strategic PlanningMelody Benloss and Carolina Navarro join the Board as Librarian and Director of Public Relations & Marketing, respectively. For press inquiries, please contact carolina@hs-ny.org. 

HSNY Holds Its First International Class in Toronto, Canada

HSNY held its first international classes in Toronto, Canada, on July 7th and 8th,, 2018. The sold out classes were hosted at Charles Pachter's Moose Factory Gallery by Moe Jaber.
"Over the past two years, HSNY's traveling education team has done an incredible job in taking watchmaking on the road, visiting fifteen cities across the US,” says HSNY President Nicholas Manousos. “Now, HSNY is expanding its reach with its first international class in Toronto, Canada. We want to share the joy of watchmaking with the world, and we hope to see you soon at a horological education class." 
Through HSNY's Horological Education, students discover what actually makes a watch tick with hands-on classes taught by HSNY's staff of professional watchmakers. During the half-day workshop, students work on a mechanical watch movement, studying the gear train, winding and setting mechanisms, and escapement. 
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John Harrison Statue Appeal

  Photo Credit: The Better Barrow Community Project

Photo Credit: The Better Barrow Community Project

The Better Barrow Community Project, a registered charity dedicated to advancing the education of the public in the life, work and achievements of John Harrison, is currently raising funds towards commissioning a statue to honor Harrison, the inventor of the world’s first reliable and accurate marine chronometer. 
According to the charity’s website, the statue will be the first of its kind celebrating the achievements of Harrison. The life-sized bronze statue will be erected in Barrow-upon-Humber where Harrison lived at the time he developed the revolutionary solution that increased the safety of long-distance sea travel. The commission of the internationally-funded project will be carried out by Marcus Cornish. 
Patrons wishing to help fund the project can visit the Better Barrow Community Project donation link here

Meeting Recap: Fluid Time

Video recordings of meetings are available to HSNY members immediately. After a 2 month delay, video recordings are available to the public for free.

Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT Watches and Preciflex
June 4, 2018

For the Horological Society of New York’s June, 2018, lecture, Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT Watches and Preciflex, spoke on one aspect of horology we don’t often consider – fluidic horology. 

Armed with a magnificent display case housing state-of-the-art HYT wristwatches, 
Dourde took HSNY on a journey through time, through the flow of liquids. An art dating back approximately 4,000 years, water clocks go down in history as one of the oldest instruments used to measure time. Today, HYT pays homage to the discoveries of our ancestors with a scaled-down version designed for the wrist. 
With the purpose of bringing to life and proposing a new representation of the flow of time, HYT captures the essence of the centuries-old practice with multiple liquids. Dourde guided HSNY on the composition of their H0 model wristwatch, which contains a green liquid that represents time passed, and a transparent liquid that depicts the future. They meet – not mix – in the now. 
A modern master of fluidic horology, Dourde shared the obstacles HYT overcame in order to bring their inventions to life, including the creation of their iconic vibrant fluids, produced in-house and injected in air-tight capillaries – both of which were produced with the help of experts in the fields of medicine and science. Unique technologies to HYT’s wristwatches also includes a light module, which the team invented with no batteries in order to preserve the horological spirit of fluidic time. Instead, HYT models include a microgenerator that creates alternating currents via two LEDs. When it came to manual priming, HYT developed a special machine and process to extract and inject air to produce an air-tight capillary created to stand the test of time. 
The lecture was a fascinating look at how the centuries-old invention of fluidic time continues to evolve and be interpreted in ingenious ways, showcased here through the work of HYT. 
HSNY thanks Grégory Dourde for his fascinating lecture! 

HSNY Welcomes A. Lange & Söhne as a Sponsor

New York City - June 6, 2018

Furthering the Horological Society of New York’s (HSNY) educational mission, German watch manufacture A. Lange & Söhne has joined as a sponsor. A. Lange & Söhne’s generous support will enhance HSNY’s 152-year-old monthly lecture series, horological education classes, watchmaking scholarships, and extensive horological library.

Silvia Juarez-Henry, President of A. Lange & Söhne North America said "We are very glad to support the Horological Society of New York. A. Lange & Söhne takes pride in the craftsmanship and innovation behind our timepieces, and it is important to share that knowledge and make it accessible to the public. The Horological Society of New York is dedicated to advancing the art of watchmaking through education, and we are excited to be part of their mission."

Nicholas Manousos, President of HSNY said "HSNY was founded in 1866 by German immigrants to New York City, with many of our Society's early members having worked or studied in the historical home of German watchmaking, Glashütte. We are delighted to count A. Lange & Söhne, one of the most celebrated German watch brands, as a sponsor. HSNY thanks A. Lange & Söhne for their kind support."

About A. Lange & Söhne
Manufacture A. Lange & Söhne was established in Glashütte, Saxony, by Ferdinand A. Lange in 1845. For the next hundred years, A. Lange & Söhne pocket watches were among the most sought-after timepieces in the world, until the Second World War forced the company into a 40-year hiatus. In 1990, following German reunification, Walter Lange, great-grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, revived the brand and launched the first collection in 1994.

About the Horological Society of New York
Founded in 1866, the Horological Society of New York (HSNY) is one of the oldest continuously operating horological associations in the world. HSNY was started as a guild (union) for working watchmakers in New York. Today, HSNY is a member and sponsor supported 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on education. Its lecture series is a New York tradition, offered monthly for over 150 years. Its award-winning horological education classes travel the world to educate the public on what makes a mechanical watch tick. And its Henry B. Fried Scholarship is awarded annually, benefiting American watchmaking students.

Oklahoma State University School of Watchmaking to Close

Lathe instruction at the OSUIT School of Watchmaking

The School of Watchmaking at the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) will close at the end of 2018, after graduation of the current class. A notice was posted to the school’s website: “OSUIT is phasing out the Watchmaking & Microtechnology program within the School of Engineering Technologies. OSUIT will no longer be accepting applications for or enrolling new students in the Watchmaking & Microtechnology program, and only courses required for current students will be offered.”

The OSUIT School of Watchmaking was founded in 1946 and initially focused on education for veterans. As of 2018 the OSUIT School of Watchmaking was one of only a few original programs still in operation at OSUIT. The OSUIT School of Watchmaking was in part funded by the Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance (SAWTA). SAWTA is a program created by Rolex to standardize curriculum, testing and certification of watchmaking students in the USA.

The OSUIT Donald W. Reynolds Technology Center

Jerry Tate, a current student at the the OSUIT School of Watchmaking, said, "The OSUIT watchmaking and microtechnology program has produced many accomplished graduates throughout its existence, many of whom are in leadership positions at major watch groups and brands in the US, so it is indeed unfortunate that the program will be closing. My second year classmates and I were concerned when there was not a sufficient number of students to form a new class in January. We looked forward to passing on our lessons learned and helping them through the first year. We are of course very grateful that we were accepted and will be able to complete the program. It should be noted that the closure of four other programs at OSUIT was also announced in addition to the watchmaking program closure."

Jason Champion, the OSUIT School of Watchmaking Program Chair, said, "It is with great regret that after 72 years, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology will be phasing out the watchmaking program. It saddens me greatly as the program chair, an instructor, and, perhaps most of all, as an alumnus of the institution to see the watchmaking program come to an end. Due to an overwhelming budget crisis in the state of Oklahoma, our campus administration made the difficult decision to close the School of Watchmaking. We are very grateful for the support we have received from SAWTA, and we fully support the training offered to students through this program. We are proud of the level of education we provided to our students and celebrate the success of one of OSU Institute of Technology’s original programs offered since the campus opened in 1946. We appreciate all who have contacted us with their support for our faculty, students and also the institution. We wish our watchmaking students and alumni continued success in the profession that we love so dearly."

With the closure of the OSUIT School of Watchmaking, there are nine full-time watchmaking schools left in the USA.

Member Highlight: Viktor and Pascal Vanelderen

We are always interested in hearing members’ stories about their interest in horology. At our last meeting, a nice gentleman stopped me and asked for his membership lapel pin, having recently joined HSNY. As I was handing him his pin, he asked for one for his son in Belgium. Because his son is a full time student, and membership is free, I gave him a pin for his son, and suggested that his son join our society. A few days later, Pascal Vanelderen surprised me with the wonderful photo above.

Here are their stories:

Pascal Vanelderen

"As I got more discerning about different watches and manufacturers, my interests evolved from the merely aesthetic appearance to gaining insight into the different movements and finally also wanting to be more knowledgeable about the watch industry itself. By roaming the internet during this quest, I ended up discovering the Horological Society of New York and becoming a member. The lectures and meetings are exactly what I am looking for: concise, not shying skepticism and covering all aspects of horology.

After watching numerous lectures on the website, I finally was able to attend a meeting on Monday May 7th (me living in Belgium) which, after a warm welcome from Ed Hydeman and interesting conversations with different members, fulfilled all expectations."

And Viktor’s story

"My love for watches really started off after getting my first higher end watch from my parents for my 16th birthday which was a Breitling Galactic 44. It was really interesting to hear about all the terminology like Swiss escapement, Chronometer vs. Chronograph,... it really fueled my interest because before I could only see and care for the appearance of the watch. My best friends and me discuss what we learn about watches and help raise each others interests. My curiosity is mostly fed by what my dad tells me about watches. We can spend hours talking about everything that is happening in the watchworld. With becoming older I am more and more interested about everything what has to do with watches. I still have much to learn, but I have the time and the curiosity to do so and to explore more about the watchworld and watch community."


Meeting Recap: The Swiss Watch Industry - 20 Years Into the 21st Century

Video recordings of meetings are available to HSNY members.

William Massena, Managing Director of Timezone.com, Trustee of the Horological Society of New York
May 7, 2018

The Swiss watchmaking industry has had its share of ups and downs over the decades, including a period of rapid growth over the last 20 years. At the May 7, 2018, meeting of the Horological Society of New York, William Massena discussed the past, present and future of the Swiss watchmaking industry, posing many thoughtful questions to the audience. The first point Massena addressed was the title of his lecture, "The Swiss Watch Industry: 20 Years Into the 21st Century." Massena explained that even though we are only in the year 2018, the 21st century really started for the Swiss watchmaking industry in 1998 when the Asian financial crisis caused a large portion of the Swiss watchmaking industry to bring their distribution channels in-house.

Massena then discussed the large conglomerates operating in the Swiss watchmaking industry today, explaining their successes and failures. Panerai was used as an example of a brand that is having difficulty today. Their strategy of abundant limited editions of similar watches painted the brand into a corner, where customers stopped being interested. Massena explained that this scenario has played out many times, and made the case that large watch brands today are essentially marketing machines first. Massena also showed how brands in the same group will market very similar watches at different price points, with only minor differences in quality.

Independent watch brands were then discussed, with Rolex being the first example. Rolex does offer similar watches at different price points, but Massena showed how this is largely tied to the amount of precious materials used in the watch. Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe were also cited as examples of successful independent watch brands. Massena explained that the smaller independent watch brands, such as Richard Mille and MB&F are also doing quite well today, in contrast to the challenges faced by the brands owned by large conglomerates. Massena concluded by discussing the future. He stated that larger independent brands will continue do well, and that new watch buyers are looking for innovation, rather than the traditional watches that their grandfathers wore.

HSNY thanks William Massena for his fascinating lecture!

Event Recap: HSNY 2018 Gala & Charity Auction

Video recordings of meetings are available to HSNY members.

On April 18, 2018, the Horological Society of New York celebrated its 152nd anniversary with a gala dinner and charity auction in Midtown Manhattan. Members and guests from across the country gathered to celebrate New York's horological tradition, see the presentation of the Henry B. Fried Scholarship, and bid on a collection of extraordinary timepieces and horological miscellanea.

Nicholas Manousos (HSNY's President, left) and Steve Eagle (HSNY's Director of Education, right) presenting the 2018 Henry B. Fried Scholarship to Mark Duckett (middle left) and Erik Gonzalez (middle right).

The Henry B. Fried Scholarship was established to assist American watchmaking students in their studies at full-time watchmaking schools. Two scholarships for $10,000 each were awarded at the 2018 Gala by HSNY's Director of Education, Steve Eagle. The 2018 awardees are Mark Duckett and Erik Gonzalez, students at the Patek Philippe Institute in New York.

John Reardon, International Head of Watches for Christie's, calling the HSNY 2018 Charity Auction

A collection of extraordinary timepieces and horological miscellanea was auctioned at the 2018 Gala, with proceeds going towards HSNY's ongoing educational programs. The charity auction was hosted by Christie's International Head of Watches, John Reardon.

The crowd was a diverse mix of watchmakers, clockmakers, collectors, journalists, auctioneers and executives, reflecting the friendship and generosity of the horological industry. Plans for HSNY's 2019 Gala are already underway, we are looking forward to seeing you there!