Howard Fass Award

The Howard Fass award is given to individuals judged to have shown extraordinary dedication to the ideals which the Society pursues. This award is HSNY’s highest honor, and is presented at HSNY's annual Gala.

Howard Fass (1926-2011)

Howard Fass

Howard Fass (1926-2011) was president of HSNY from 1989 to 2008. Fass' contribution to HSNY was, first and foremost, life-saving for our organization. He assumed its leadership at a juncture that saw significant changes gradually taking place in the watchmaking profession; local, independent watchmakers were retiring from active practice or dying. Fass's gentle good nature, together with his skill and ability, made him just the perfect person to be elected to the presidency of our organization. He shepherded HSNY for nearly twenty years with grace and good humor, and delivered it into highly competent hands. Without his leadership and guidance, HSNY would not be here today.


One Howard Fass award may be granted each year. Awardees may be nominated and voted at the annual election by the Trustees of HSNY. Awardees do not need to be members of the Society, or located in New York City. To make a nomination, write to the Trustees of HSNY.





Daniel M. Fenwick



Hans Weber

Hans Weber (1932-2018) was an active member of HSNY for over 50 years, and was the only person to have attended both the 100th Anniversary in 1966 and 150th anniversary in 2016. Weber served as a Trustee for the Society, and was presented the Howard Fass award at HSNY’s 150th Anniversary Gala. Weber worked at both Cartier and Tiffany & Co. in New York.