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 Here’s what our members have been saying about the Horological Society of New York…

Best Watchmaking group in the US. Went to my first meeting in Nov 1990!! I owe my career to this GREAT GROUP!
— Jesse
I went for the first time to attend a conference about “Mechanical Jewels”. It was a great experience in all the senses. Thank you from this watch aficionado who also works in the industry.
— Blanca
I took Horology 101 last week, it is a really amazing class. We had two watchmakers teaching us and there were five students, which is a pretty amazing ratio for any classroom. The instructors have an incredible store of knowledge and they are very, very good teachers. We disassembled and reassembled an ETA movement. Honestly, we did far more in two hours than I ever expected. I now have an appreciation for the fundamental workings of mechanical watches and I really want to learn more. I will be going back for the other classes. If you have even a slight interest in the workings of wristwatches definitely sign up and go!
— B C
Although I didn’t know exactly what to expect going in, the [education] class and instructors exceeded anything I could have anticipated. The material was thorough yet accessible, and facilitated by Steven and Vincent in a way that was knowledgeable yet decidedly enthusiastic. Anyone who is a watch enthusiast would enjoy the experience—it’s no surprise that this once local event has turned into a multi-city national tour. Plus, it’s a terrific way to meet other people of like minds and interests.
— Cory
The Horological Society of New York is terrific! I took Horology 101 in late February and am now looking forward to advancing to Horology 102. The organized and informative classes are led by patient and professional instructors. The course is thorough and hands-on, leaving participants with a wonderful appreciation for the mechanics in every timepiece. Highly recommended.
— Aidel
So far, I’ve taken Horology 101, 102, and I’ve just signed up for 103. If that’s any indication, I’m really enjoying the classes at Horological Society of New York. First off, I love the building, since it gives this kind of old school vibe as soon as you enter, with a huge library (with a section just for Horologists).

Super easy to sign up for classes, but they fill up quick, so make sure to sign up way in advance. The instructors I’ve had, majority of them being young, are so knowledgable in their field. I have to say, it is super impressive listening to these guys talk the science of horology. Super impressive, and a bit daunting, since there is so much to learn, but these guys do an amazing job of educating the public on this esoteric culture.
— Danny

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