Deadline for the $10,000 Henry B. Fried Watchmaking Scholarship is Approaching Soon!

Henry B. Fried instructing students on escapement mechanics. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Public Library—Brooklyn Collection.

Watchmaking is a vibrant, rewarding and dynamic career, and the Horological Society of New York (HSNY) wants to help as many people study and enter the profession as possible. For 2019 the Henry B. Fried Scholarship is dramatically expanding, with multiple students to be awarded the $10,000 prize. The application period for the scholarship closes on Friday, March 1, and the scholarships will be awarded at HSNY's annual Gala & Charity Auction on April 17, 2019. Don't delay - get your application in today!

Henry B. Fried (1907-1996) was president of the Horological Society of New York, president of the New York State Watchmakers Association, and vice-president of the Horological Institute of America (a precursor to the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.) A prolific author, Fried authored 14 books on watchmaking that continue to be in high demand. He was the first American to receive the Silver Medal of the British Horological Institute, and the New York Times described him as “the dean of American watchmakers.” In short, Fried exemplified every value HSNY pursues today.

Any student who has been accepted or is currently studying at a full-time watchmaking school in the USA is eligible for the Henry B. Fried Scholarship. Prospective students may also apply, with the understanding that the scholarship is contingent on their enrollment at a full-time watchmaking school. More information is available at HSNY's Henry B. Fried Scholarship page.