HSNY Holds Its First International Class in Toronto, Canada

HSNY held its first international classes in Toronto, Canada, on July 7th and 8th,, 2018. The sold out classes were hosted at Charles Pachter's Moose Factory Gallery by Moe Jaber.
"Over the past two years, HSNY's traveling education team has done an incredible job in taking watchmaking on the road, visiting fifteen cities across the US,” says HSNY President Nicholas Manousos. “Now, HSNY is expanding its reach with its first international class in Toronto, Canada. We want to share the joy of watchmaking with the world, and we hope to see you soon at a horological education class." 
Through HSNY's Horological Education, students discover what actually makes a watch tick with hands-on classes taught by HSNY's staff of professional watchmakers. During the half-day workshop, students work on a mechanical watch movement, studying the gear train, winding and setting mechanisms, and escapement. 
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