Meeting Recap: Time is Money - How to Make a Living in the World of Watches

John Reardon - International Head of Watches, Christie's
February 6, 2017

Video recordings of meetings are available to HSNY members.

It seemed like the entire membership was present at the February 6th meeting of the HSNY. Extra chairs were set up in the General Society Library to accommodate the large audience. The speaker of the evening, Mr. John Reardon, discussed various people connected with the watchmaking industry, including their beginning and what motivates them today. Names mentioned were Andrew Walden, Rudy Albers, Nicholas Manousos, Benjamin Clymer, Michael Friedman, Katie Reed, Atom Moore, among many others. Their success stories are inspirational to anyone hoping to participate in the world of watches today.

Mr. Reardon asked his interviewees how they got started in their respective fields and what advice they would give to others. The overwhelming answer was dedication to their jobs, enjoying what they do with a passion and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. They comprise a select group who keep the wheels turning in the watchmaking business.

Our thanks to Mr. Reardon for this extraordinary presentation.

Submitted by Walter Pangretitsch, Recording Secretary, HSNY